Investment project aiming at construction of the liquefied natural gas transshipment terminal at port Yuzhnyi (Ukraine)

Ukraine historically discovered a first natural gas deposit in Soviet Union. It was the Dashava gas deposit located in Lviv area. With the commissioning of the Dashava gas deposit in 1924 the formation of Ukrainian gas industry practically began and the creation of dense regional system of Prykarpattya gas pipelines gave impetus to the creation of Ukraine’s future gas transportation system. For almost half a century Dashava supplied natural gas to heat Moscow

A lot of things have changed since that time. And now Ukraine is dependent on the Russian natural gas. This investment project is the first one in Ukraine to uring LNG from all over the world just to the Ukrainian gas transportation system

The project enables Ukrainian energy independence and stability for the coming generations


The terminal is planned to be constructed at the port of Yuzhnyi

Port Yuzhnyi (Pivdennyi) is an ice-free deep-sea trading port on the Maly Adzhalyk Estuary in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, 30 km east of the city of Odessa. It is connected with the shipping route of the sea by an approach channel, the width along the bottom is 180 m, the length is 3.3 km, the depth of the main berths is up to 18 m. It is protected from the sea by two parallel moles (eastern and western), which serve to reduce the drift of the channel

In 2020, the port reached its highest cargo turnover – 61.66 million tons and became the largest port in Ukraine.┬áThe main directions of cargo flows: the Black Sea and Mediterranean basin, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia

Port Yuzhnyi is considered to be the best place for the construction of the LNG terminal



Investment project will significantly influence the economy of Ukraine

Turnover capacity


mln cubic meters of natural gas is the terminal's yearly turnover capacity

New jobs


new jobs will be created after the construction of the terminal

Net investments


mln USD is expected to be invested into the construction of terminal

Taxes to be paid


mln USD of taxes will be paid by the terminal's operator every year


Ukraine consumes around 27 bln cubic meters of natural gas per year

Most of these volumes are extracted by the Ukrainian gas producers (around 20 bln cubic meters). The rest is imported primarily from Eastern Europe but practically it is Russian natural gas supplied to Ukraine by reverse

Nearly 8,6 bln cubic meters are consumed by the households. The heat producers consume around 6,3 bln cubic meters. The rest of 11,9 bln cubic meters is consumed by industry

Ukraine is a huge natural gas market with around 6 bln cubic meters of Russian gas which may be substituted by the sea supplies of LNG

Project is performed by:
Dubai Silicon Oasis
United Arab Emirates


Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A1, Dubai - UAE

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